Weekly Class Schedule

Meditation Class

Monday 6 -7:15PM Online Only 

  • Guided meditation and wisdom talk

Wednesday 5:30 - 7:30pm 
In person or Online

Thursday 6-8pm Online Only
Guided Meditation & Wisdom Talk

  • Teachers are ordained Buddhist monks or laypeople guiding in the Middle Way Meditation Tradition 

  • Classes consist of gentle stretching (15 mins), guided meditation with loving kindness (45 mins) and wisdom talk with Q&A

There is no fee for our classes or retreats.  Donations inspired by your generosity are accepted. 

Sunday Online Meditation 8:30-9:30am
Live Broadcasting via Facebook hosted by Venerable Pisit


We practice the tradition of dana. These teachings are 2,500 years old and given freely since the time of the Buddha. The teachings offered at the Meditation Center of Alabama are completely free. Donations for weekly classes covers operating costs such as utility, food and supplies.   Donations for retreats are also used to cover travelling expenses for our instructors.
This long-standing tradition of making offerings to those who attend classes and retreats is called dana, which is a Pali (the language of the Buddha) word for generosity. There will be an opportunity to offer dana at the classes or retreats.
Our staff and teachers, volunteer their time in order to practice generosity to maintain balance of mind, and to generate love and compassion. Selfless service is an essential part of the path of inner peace, an important step in the direction of liberation. With these feelings of love and compassion, the wish naturally arises to help others attain inner peace and happiness.  Volunteering is an expression of gratitude for the teachings, by helping others and expecting nothing in return.

Golden Chakra

Buddhist monk Venerable Pisit Jittasutdho leads a 30 minute meditation session and Dharma talk broadcasted live from Thailand
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Meditation Center of Alabama

Welcome to the Meditation Center of Alabama (MCA).
We are honored to join you in the journey ahead. It is our sincerest wish that our teaching and guidance are of benefit to you. Please read this document carefully and raise any questions and concerns that you have before signing it.

Nothing is without risk and the journey into mindfulness is no exception. Mindfulness and meditation education, training and practice are not substitutes for medical or mental health treatment. If you are working with a health professional, you are encouraged to speak with them about the advisability of incorporating mindfulness practices before engaging in any services with MCA. Although mindfulness can be a helpful complement to treatment, adverse effects may arise in certain circumstances. In addition to creating opportunities for equanimity, relaxation and peace, these practices can lead to an acute awareness of unpleasant thoughts, intense emotions, or uncomfortable body sensations. We want you to know in advance that difficult experiences can also be a part of a mindfulness practice. If you find yourself struggling with your experience during meditation, you should discontinue the
practice, do what you need to in order to care for yourself, and ask your guide for support.

Many of MCA’s classes include qigong, yoga and/or other forms of mindful movement. As with any physical activity, the risk of injury, even serious or disabling, is always present and cannot be entirely eliminated. Above all else, you are encouraged to listen to and honor your body. If you experience any
pain or discomfort during a meeting, you should immediately discontinue the activity and ask your guide for support. Physical contact between participant and guide can sometimes be helpful during exercise or meditation. If you do not wish to be touched, you are expected to inform your guide before the start of each session.

Thank you for Submitting!

May you enjoy the many benefits of practicing mindfulness with MCA!