Our staff and teachers, volunteer their time in order to practice generosity to maintain balance of mind, and to generate love and compassion. Selfless service is an essential part of the path of inner peace, an important step in the direction of liberation. With these feelings of love and compassion, the wish naturally arises to help others attain inner peace and happiness.  Volunteering is an expression of gratitude for the teachings, by helping others and expecting nothing in return.

Perform a random act of kindness today! One smile, an encouraging word or a compassionate thought put into action can save a life. Happiness never decreases by being shared.


Donations help cover operating costs such as utilities, food and supplies. Thank you for your generosity!


Thank you to all our volunteers. We greatly appreciate the priceless gift of your time and loving kindness. We depend solely on volunteers and our center would not exist today without your generosity. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


As we all have unique skills there are so many ways to give. If you have a set of skills you would love to offer we would love to hear about your talents! Please know we fully understand how valuable your time is, and if your talent is offering your time, than please do not hesitate in filling out the short form below! 

Support our center by contributing to our fundraiser. You purchase a fun unique meditation shirt, and the proceeds go towards operating cost for the center.



We practice the tradition of dana. These teachings are 2,500 years old and given freely since the time of the Buddha. The teachings offered at the Meditation Center of Alabama are completely free. 

This long-standing tradition of making offerings to those who attend classes and retreats is called dana, which is a Pali (the language of the Buddha) word for generosity. There will be an opportunity to offer dana at the classes or retreats.

Meet our Volunteer Staff


Megrez or “Meg" is a long-time student of meditation and mindfulness, who has studied under many different techniques and traditions. Since 2016, she has been regularly attending classes at the Meditation Center of Alabama. In addition to participating in the meditation sessions, she leads stretches before the Wednesday class in order to help the class relax their bodies and their minds. For 15 years Megrez has been working in the fitness industry. She has worked as a performer and instructor in dance and in aerial arts and holds multiple fitness certifications as a personal trainer with ISSA and other organizations. Her main focus is to work with people to strengthen their mind-body connection through healthy movement and meditation. Recently, Megrez spent 3 weeks at the Dhammakaya International Meditation Center in Azusa, California. Part of her time there was dedicated to becoming a Dhamma Trainee and the rest was spent volunteering in the garden, studying dhamma, and practicing chanting and meditation.

Gentle Stretching Instructor


Clinical Psychologists & Guest Teachers


Kent Welsh, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Mobile. He began meditating in the early 1970’s and has taught relaxation and meditation techniques to numerous individuals and groups over the years. Kent began meditating at the Meditation Center of Alabama in early 2010 and has been a regular member of the meditation group there.

​​Cay Welsh, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist who earned her graduate degrees at the University of Alabama and completed her internship at the University of Tennessee Medical Center. She has been a faculty member at several universities and retired from the University of South Alabama after more than 30 years as Director of the Psychology Clinic. Her professional training and experience has included the use of relaxation, biofeedback, hypnosis and  mindfulness as a component of psychotherapy & behavior change.

Cay and Kent have helped to run the Monday Sangha group for several years now and periodically give public lectures to the community.

Peace Leaders

Gabriel Denton

Gabriel Denton has been active at the Meditation Center of Alabama for three years. He welcomes new members to the peace family, leading by example you will always find a warm charismatic smile inviting you to feel comfortable and welcome! He dedicates his valuable time where you will often see him assisting with set up / clean up for events hosted by the Meditation Center. He is a Board President with Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network’s Board and a farmer at Jubilee Promise family farm in Deer Park, AL.

D'Wanda Schwarz

D'Wanda Schwarz

D'Wanda is an entrepreneur, starting Virtual Dispatch Assistant in 2012, and a Factoring Company in 2015. The dispatch company providing logistical support to small trucking companies.

She also manages the local Crocodile Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Company. 

D'Wanda discovered the beauty of Peace Within through Meditation and has since dedicated herself to sharing that peace with others. She Volunteers at Meditation Center Of Alabama with Social Media posting,  flyer or ad designs, and Web Development & guided meditations. She has certificates for her completion in Facilitator classes with Prison Mindfulness, and Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness with David Treleaven. 

john bennett 2.jpg

John Bennett

John Bennett has been an attendee and volunteer at the Meditation Center of Alabama for several years. He was a participant in the two-week male ordination program at the Dhammakaya International Meditation Center in Azusa, California, where he lived life as a novice monk during the summer of 2019. John wishes to share his meditation experience and knowledge with others to aid or guide them on their path to inner peace.


Daniel Day

Daniel Day is dedicated to bringing awareness to the goals of the Meditation Center of Alabama. With a deep connection to meditation and the impact it has had on his own life. He wanted to combine this with an abstract view on art and incorporate his love of texture and warm colors to create serene, peaceful works of art. 

Daniel has developed his personal style of meditation over twenty years beginning with an interest in caricatures, clowns and a series of nts, being referred to as the "Ant Man". His current focus is on old architecture along the Gulf Coast. Working in a unique style using obscure angles creating a skewed view and adding found objects to create movement and more depth. 

Lanny Whiteley

Lanny Whiteley began meditating almost 40 years ago and was raised in a Jewish background. He began attending classes at the Meditation Center of Alabama Center 5 years ago and has became a full time volunteer there. He ordained as a Buddhist Monk in the summer of 2018 & 2019 where he was certified as a Dharma Representative by the Middle Way Meditation Institute. Lanny wishes to spread loving kindness and create a more peaceful world by helping one person at a time.

Arthur Vongsakamphouy

Arthur Vongsakamphouy, or Jay Vong, is a junior majoring in cardiorespiratory care at the University of South Alabama. He is the Vice President of the USA Meditation & Mindfulness Club and has served on their board of officers for 3 years now. He is also the president of the USA table tennis club. Arthur first started practicing meditation in January 2011, and has been a regular member of the Meditation Center of Alabama since March 2012. Arthur is interested in developing new ways to help enlighten others, and to help them follow their true passion to create greater peace and clarity within their lives.